Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 | Page 45

CIO OPINION allowed the user to get closer to this experience that we are currently calling the future of the Internet . system operator , now used to operating six or eight monitors simultaneously .
Today , popular games like Roblox and Fortnite are icons of a digital environment where there are things that are never going to be touched by human hands , such as clothing and accessories for the characters .
Virtual money ( cryptocurrency ) is another present reality that attracts new investors ( or miners ) every day . Currently , the best-known digital currencies are Bitcoin and Ethernun , circulating on Blockchain networks , where operations are carried out through collaborative validations .
With the deployment of 5G , the next 10 years will mean a leap into the Metaverse . Marty Resnick , VP , Gartner , recently said that 25 % of people will spend time in the digital world by 2026 when 30 % of the world ’ s organizations will have products and services online .
We are talking about productive ‘ fronts ’ that range from industry to retail . Imagine an electrical
In terms of the Metaverse , he will only need a pair of glasses to manage 15 ( or more ) interactive and responsive panels . This same technology will allow doctors to analyze and interact with X-ray exams without the need to position themselves in front of a computer .
Due to its relevance , the topic was highlighted at the Mobile World Congress , held in early March in Spain .
The debates addressed the bottlenecks and needs for implementing the Metaverse and the growth of the IoE ( Internet of Everything ).
The Metaverse will lessen the obstacle of distance , opening up countless opportunities .
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