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Marty Resnick , VP , Gartner , recently said that 25 % of people will spend time in the digital world by 2026 when 30 % of the world ’ s organizations will have products and services online .
Paulo Asano , CEO , Populos

The Metaverse and its impact on future work models

Paulo Asano , CEO of Populos , tells us how the Metaverse will impact hybrid work models .

The Metaverse is a new definition for existing technologies . The term was coined in the 1990s by writer Neal Stephenson in the best seller Snow Crash , in which he already foresaw a digital reality he called the Metaverse . The current concept of the Metaverse comprises a collective and shared digital space , the result of the union of Virtual Reality ( VR ), Augmented Reality ( AR ) and the Internet .

From literature to real life , the word has gained popularity . Since last year , it has been one of the most searched keywords on Google , especially after Mark Zuckerberg , Founder of Facebook , announced that he would change the company to Meta Platforms Inc .
Betting on the Metaverse as the future of the Internet , he announced heavy investments in development , equipment and people – US $ 150 million in the training of programmers alone .
We are not talking about recent technology . VR and AR are already known and discussed concepts in everyday life , and most people already use one of them without realizing it .
A typical example of AR that we access in everyday life is Instagram filters . And anyone who has been to a 3D movie session at least once has had the opportunity to experience VR .
At the beginning of the millennium , Second Life , a virtual and three-dimensional environment that simulates the real and social life of the human being through the interaction between avatars , already
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