Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 | Page 46

Brazil , Itaú and Lojas Renner , for example , already operate in the virtual world , both in partnership with Fortnite .
Digital Transformation in work models seen in current connections , leading to new challenges in cybersecurity and compliance .
Infrastructure and ESG
When companies increasingly need to be attentive to environmental , social and corporate governance issues , determined by the criteria of what is called ESG ( Environmental , Social and Governance ), people management goes hand in hand with environmental preservation .
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the ‘ Work From Anywhere ’ process , however , distancing does not have to be synonymous with isolation , and solutions adapted for the Metaverse will lessen the obstacle of distance , opening up countless opportunities for inclusion in the collaborative environment .
This competitive need should lead organizations to choose to reduce their physical infrastructure , strengthening the concept of the ‘ Workplace of the Future ’. It includes reducing the high costs of energy and space occupied by data centers with hyperconvergence solutions .
In addition , the new generation of talent will be even more connected and increasingly seeking innovation . Companies that do not adapt to technological evolution will certainly not be regarded as options for this new era of professionals .
In the new hybrid work models or geographically distributed operations , the Metaverse will be the natural path for engagement , networking and people management , expanding the functionality of collaborative tools and allowing , for example , the ability to project graphics and images in virtual meeting rooms , or interaction with computers and employees remotely .
Today we can already reduce entire servers to small drawers , in equipment with better performance and greater flexibility , managing data in a multicloud environment .
With the evolution of broadband and the growth of scalable and up-to-date Software-as-a-Service , the consolidation of a formal connected economy will occur in all sectors .
It will be driven by a movement of global brands such as Nike , Ralph Lauren and Gucci that have already been consolidating operations in the Metaverse .
Soon , all this data flow will run in multiple clouds on Edge Computing with the speed of 5G . But the market is already moving around an even stronger band , 6G , which should solve range and latency problems still
Brazil , Itaú and Lojas Renner , for example , already operate in the virtual world , both in partnership with Fortnite . The future has arrived ! Is your company prepared for this evolution ? p
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