Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 83

FINAL WORD the market . The CIOs are increasingly encouraged to actively plan for how to use this strategic approach to mitigate threats and address opportunities .
At that same point , according to Gartner , the coming years will require CIOs and cybersecurity professionals to assume new roles with attention to business besides dealing with technical issues . It means they will always need to be aware of new threats and market trends to take the necessary measures to protect the company ’ s systems and crucial data .
In addition , it will also be important that CIOs are always open to dialogue with other sectors of the company , such as the legal , sales and financial teams to ensure that they align with information security strategies .
However , it is worth noting that there are other issues for CIOs to watch out for . One of them refers to possible conflicts between privacy ( of customers and users ) and the efficiency of processes and experiences offered by companies .
It will be necessary to balance using information with practices that improve security at the same time . This dilemma between data analysis and privacy will be a challenge to be taken care of carefully in the coming years , directly affecting the position of managers .
Indeed , as awareness of the importance of cybersecurity increases , the search for ways to extend defenses will also become a priority for operations . One of the trends in this direction is the proposal to unify the web , cloud services and access to SSE applications .
74 % of CIOs say that traditional security controls such as vulnerability scanners are no longer suited to today ’ s cloud-native world .
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