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CASE STUDY become the largest in Brazil and shows no signs of slowing down .
About the author
Frederik Simoens is the Chief Technology Officer at ST Engineering iDirect , where he is responsible for the oversight of all technology decisions and serves to drive the strategic direction for product development , technology roadmap and technology alliances .
Previously , Simoens worked at Newtec where he worked on physical layer technologies , launched the DVB-S2X standard within Newtec ’ s platform , and in 2015 , became VP of Product Management , which led to a promotion to CTO .
His key areas of expertise include physical layer technologies , satellite communications and digital modems . He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Ghent and is the author of 40 plus publications .
Simoens obtained a Master ’ s degree in electrical engineering and a Ph . D . degree in digital communications , both from the University of Ghent . He also holds an MBA degree from the Vlerick Business School .
to implement a plan to make education more accessible , especially to those children living in remote locations . The Amazonas State Secretary of Education commissioned the development of a distance-learning program spanning Brazil and connecting 45,000 children from remote areas to teachers located in Manaus , the capital city of Amazonas .
Communities involved in this project did not only benefit from the educational aspect of the platform . They used this network for other services . When teaching finished , Internet browsing was available for general public use . This included a chat tool to communicate with people from nearby communities . The network provided by satellite became a lifeline for those in remote communities , making the work of ST Engineering iDirect even more important .
Dedication to a thriving region
For decades , ST Engineering iDirect has been working with service providers throughout the region that have deployed our Satcom platforms to bring families , friends , businesses , organizations and institutions together , reducing the feeling of isolation that the lack of connectivity brings to those living and working in remote areas of Latin America .
Satellite communications are more accessible than ever and represent a reliable , cost-effective tool that allows easy connectivity and enables service providers to gain from the lower total cost of ownership ( TCO ) and return on investment ( RoI ).
Through the initiatives we have talked about in this article and many more , we will continue to shape the future of communications across the region . ST Engineering iDirect is enabling its customers to empower regional MNOs and providers to offer costeffective services and business models that allow more people to enjoy the power of communications . p
Aerial image of the amazon theater in Manaus , Brazil
To achieve this , Tiradentes de Telecomunicações partnered with ST Engineering iDirect , to upgrade all its existing VSATs to the latest most efficient , and powerful Satcom platform – in a matter of just 60 days , ensuring that every site supported IPTV ( the application used for long-distance learning ).
This system supported the peak transmission of seven simultaneous and interactive classes , which has now evolved into Google classroom software . The project has been a major success , and it is estimated that 200,000 students depend on this network to receive basic education at all levels . The Satcom solution has resulted in spectrum savings of 35 – 40 % across the network , allowing more traffic to be accommodated , as demand is high . In just five years , the network has
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