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CASE STUDY people and communities , enabling them to fulfill basic needs such as attending school , requesting medical help , ordering supplies , receiving news updates and connecting with loved ones .
Through the deployment of multiservice satellite platforms , a wide variety of services can easily be deployed from community Wi-Fi to cellular backhaul services , fulfilling the connectivity needs of entire communities .
Connecting Bolivia
The Bolivian Space Agency ( ABE ) is leveraging ST Engineering iDirect ’ s technology to connect people and communities in Bolivia . Originally installed in 2019 ,


a partnership between Andesat , Intelsat , ZTE and ST Engineering iDirect .
Originally set in motion in 2015 , the project identified an opportunity to extend MNOs ’ reach to remote regions of Peru to ultimately benefit a universe of 60,000 towns and villages and a total of 3 million people .
Andesat already utilized ST Engineering iDirect ’ s Satcom platform which enabled it to swiftly move into a new market , offering Wi-Fi and 4G services to remote villages and allowing residents to access voice , data , and video via a computer or mobile devices .
Up until the point when Andesat made its move into the rural market , increased access to connectivity in remote areas of Peru was deemed too risky for any MNO or communications service provider to tackle alone . The pioneering Andesat project is making costeffective technology available to MNOs that only pay for the traffic their end-users consume .
The partnership has enabled Andesat to deliver a reliable , satellite-based solution that brings together high-performance Satcom equipment , along with solid satellite capacity and an efficient small-site cellular backhaul device .
In Mexico , Axess Networks is also utilizing the Mx-DMA MRC return technology to open up 4G access for remote users across the country . Services can now reach 110Mbps / 30Mbps throughput per site , enabling seamless sharing of satellite capacity and the highest quality connectivity experience for rural customers . this enabled the Agency to extend access to residential broadband delivered by the national Tupac Katari 1 Ka-band satellite .
Recently , ABE decided to upgrade the system and to take advantage of ST Engineering iDirect ’ s Mx-DMA MRC powerful return waveform technology , thus enabling the Agency to increase its cellular backhaul service by at least 500 sites , crucial in the delivery of data to people ’ s phones .
The upgrade has also enabled ABE to meet the government requirement to connect unserved areas of Bolivia at an affordable price .
4G is hugely important as communities in rural areas are often difficult to connect , but this mobile connectivity is a necessity , as it allows people and businesses to access critical services such as mobile banking and to stay in touch with friends and family .
Vital education resources for Brazil
In 2015 , roughly 97 million people in Brazil did not have Internet access , and only one-third of children made it to the sixth grade . This led the Brazilian Government
From Peru to Mexico
For the seven million people that live in remote regions of Peru , access to connectivity has been made possible by the Te Conectamos Peru project ,
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