Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 48

When Argentine telecom company Anura needed a solution that would fit its unique way of attracting customers it deployed Zoho Desk .

The best strategy to impr with automation

Buenos Aires

Standing out among the tough competition is not easy , and having a strategic vision is needed to find a disruptive factor . Over 10 years ago , Anura , an Argentine Telecom company , understood this and applied it by offering companies a cloud-based telephone central solution . With this , they absorb maintenance and import costs , including the high dollar-to-Argentine peso exchange rate .

To put things in context , in 2011 , you could buy a Chevrolet car for ARS $ 46,000 ( Argentine pesos ). In 2021 , with that same amount of money , you could buy two pairs of Nike sneakers . their lead management methods to become difficult to track and affected their commission scheme .
To adapt to this change , Anura decided to implement tools that would fit their needs .
The beginnings
For Sol Maunier , Commercial Manager at Anura , the tools must adapt to the company ’ s needs . Her experience working in the commercial area of packaging and printing companies helped her form a clear conception of what she needs .
With this value offering and advertising strategy , Anura had a problem that many desired : They started to have more and more potential customers . But this caused
When she arrived at Anura , Maunier realized that she had to work with customers from scratch , both those who came through Google Advertising and those the
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