Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 10


Companies announce partnership to boost sustainability in Brazilian industries

Dassault Systèmes and DEEP have announced a strategic partnership to drive sustainability and innovation of companies in Brazil .

The agreement helps to provide common customers of the two companies with information about the extent of the socioenvironmental impacts of their businesses , combining the availability of reports with practical indicators and solutions for the design , simulation , implementation and evaluation of industrial processes prepared to meet the best practices of the ESG agenda .
Through practical indicators and generated reports , companies can optimize investment decisions related to product design and sustainability strategic management throughout their operations chain .
Dassault Systèmes and DEEP can work together to accelerate innovation and help companies maximize the analysis process within operations , as well as support the development , simulation and 3D planning of their routines , helping find the right answers to solve their business challenges .
DEEP can help assess the impact of industries on the environment and society , while Dassault Systèmes ’ solutions reshape the planning , simulation , and implementation of more functional , economic , and sustainable ecosystems . The goal is to combine the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with DEEP ’ s smart innovation to provide faster and more accurate evaluations and answers to customers in all situations . The partnership will also enable the use of the customer ’ s specific supply chain factors in the product modeling on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform .

Embratel releases AI-powered virtual assistant solution manner . Conversations can be conducted through texts , images , voice and other interactive features , according to the needs of each company .

Andrea Mannarino , Director of Digital Solutions Operations , Embratel , said : “ The Embratel Intelligent Bot is implemented with customizable technologies to fit each company ’ s profile , automating customer service in a digital format with accuracy and ability to interact like a real chat . This reduces operational costs and offers the advantage of flexible hiring based on increasing or decreasing demand .”
Embratel stays ahead of the market by offering cutting-edge technologies to enhance machine-led customer service , elevating clients to a higher level of performance and automation .

Embratel has launched the Bot Inteligente solution , an AIenabled virtual assistant platform that provides fast , efficient and autonomous customer service .

The product provides a set of features that interact with users , simulating human customer service in a simple and transparent
With the Intelligent Bot , Embratel provides a versatile solution that can be used across various sectors , such as finance , commerce , industry , government , tourism , health , entertainment , insurance , and service offices like accounting and law firms .
For solution deployment , Embratel performs a full consultancy to understand business needs and offer the best virtual assistant option for each company .
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