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CASE STUDY reinforce security for the main databases . As its primary level of local protection , the company installed FortiGate NGFWs in its 16 main offices , in line with an existing plan to provide all offices with these devices .
Integrated platform with centralized management
With multiple sites in remote locations , Mutual Ser EPS uses the FortiManager application to centralize network management and secure offices in its multicloud environment .
FortiManager provides an integrated network architecture and complete visibility , allowing Mutual Ser EPS ’ s technology team to manage from a single location , deploy updates , apply new policies or rules and control every detail . Gone are the days of poor service delivery and a bad internal customer experience due to security implementation challenges brought about by geographic and physical barriers .
To further reinforce its security suite , Mutual Ser EPS also deployed FortiAnalyzer . This solution provides more advanced incident logging and reporting , which frees the IT team from constantly being on the lookout for potential attacks and threats . The tool analyses traffic generates incident reports and works handin-hand with FortiManager for more intelligent and optimized management .
This integrated network approach has also been crucial in handling security eventualities . In the past , IPs at offices were often blacklisted for sending spam or unwanted emails from infected computers . By implementing the Fortinet solution , these cases no longer occur .
Optimized availability for multiple locations
After implementing FortiGate at each location , Mutual Ser EPS enabled FortiGate Secure SD-WAN to raise service availability levels across its 118-office network . By having a fibre-optic channel and other backup links , the company can automatically route to the backup to prevent connection loss in the event of a network failure or service degradation on the main channel .




Fortinet ’ s implementation has also enabled the company to balance traffic , giving priority to corporate applications . Today , even if employees consume a lot of traffic through external applications , bandwidth for business-relevant applications is guaranteed . This has also affected the company ’ s resource optimization . With Fortinet , Mutual Ser EPS can now keep the network communications better performing by segmenting traffic through the platform to define what goes through each link and securing the entire IT platform in its multi-cloud environment . p
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