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Infrastructure ( OCI ) dedicated to its databases , while the applications and information analysis layer is located on the Google Cloud Platform ( GCP ).
Cloud adoption and migration of Mutual Ser EPS ’ s services to OCI and GCP environments meant that online security has become more complex . Mutual Ser EPS needed an integrated cybersecurity architecture to ensure the protection of the entire network . The company supported this change through the Fortinet Security Fabric platform . With it , the insurer can deploy an integrated and centralized cloud network infrastructure that securely links all the company ’ s offices with the headquarters with high availability .

Mutual Ser EPS is a health insurance company that provides services on the north coast of Colombia , with its main office located in Cartagena City . In this region , the company serves over 2 million Colombians through a 118-office network scattered across distant municipalities . The institution has been rated as one of the best in its field for six consecutive years , following a focused aim


of offering preventive health management services backed by a Digital Transformation strategy . The technology modernization process covered multiple elements , from user experience , interoperability and integration , cybersecurity and cloud computing to Artificial Intelligence and automation , data analytics and talent training .
As part of the transformation , Mutual Ser EPS migrated its entire infrastructure to the cloud . It decided to rely on a multi-cloud environment with Oracle Cloud
The cloud migration eventually revealed that the main offices had no protection or perimeter security solution . The company also encountered problems in terms of web application filtering and suffered a denialof-service attack on its website in 2018 . In addition , several offices had connectivity issues , as the mostused network traffic was competing with corporate application traffic .
Moving to a secure and reliable infrastructure
Ser EPS also had to modernize the network infrastructure of all its offices to ensure its connectivity and security with the cloud data centers . Given the challenging geographical conditions of the region , many of the offices had only 4G links to support their operations before the migration . The connection would sometimes fail and offices would even be cut off for several days . To plug this gap , Mutual Ser EPS deployed a fibre-optic network with additional backup channels that allow for an uninterrupted connection .
“ Our focus is healthcare , so it must be up and running 24 / 7 considering the sensitivity of the information . It is crucial for us to always be online and we have achieved this with the Fortinet Security Fabric platform implementation ,” said Holman Mauricio Cárdenas Varón , Technology Manager at Mutual Ser EPS . “ Fortinet ’ s technology offers us complete network integration , unified management and an overall increase in the service availability offered by the company .”
To secure the multi-cloud environment , the company implemented a FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall ( NGFW ) that analyses and filters all traffic entering through GCP before giving it access to any resource . This service also has an additional firewall running across the connection between GCP and OCI to
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