Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 18 | Page 45

As organizations across the world continue fine-tuning workplace policy to fit their individual contexts , what ’ s clear is that a mixture of remote and in-office work will be our ongoing reality for the foreseeable future . But beyond that , we ’ re also starting to explore how deeper immersion for staff , regardless of where they ’ re based , might be facilitated by a fully virtual workplace .
The cultural shifts seeding deeper immersion
Colleagues in the tech sector have had a significant advantage over other sectors with digital collaboration tools . Many had been working remotely or managing remote teams before COVID-19 forced a wider shift . At Ciena , the integration of a range of collaboration tools allowed us to access vital talent across our markets and ensured that delivery teams , no matter where they were based , had access to the support they needed .
The pandemic , however , was a force multiplier . It drove a cultural shift and organizations across the board started thinking deeply about how their technology environments fostered the same touchpoints that drive engagement and seamless collaboration in a fully hybrid world .
Despite its successes , hybrid working continues to pose specific challenges around physical / virtual inequities – whether remote staff are experiencing work in the same way as those in offices – and the very real threat of Zoom fatigue .
Making work meta – the answer to hybrid woes or a distraction ?
Within the context of the Great Resignation , we can quickly see why engineering the best possible employee experience through technology has become a vital priority .
The metaverse , as it ’ s been envisioned , ensures the same flexibility that employees now expect , but without
But the increasing appetite for more immersive workplace collaboration is happening in tandem with growing modernization demands on enterprise IT leaders .
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