Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 18 | Page 44

Colleagues in the tech sector have had a significant advantage over other sectors with digital collaboration tools .
Craig Williams , Vice President and Chief Information Officer , Ciena

The roadmap to deeper immersion in the enterprise – becoming ‘ meta ’

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the rate at which businesses virtualize and shift to digital platforms . Craig Williams , Vice President and Chief Information Officer , Ciena , discusses the pros and cons of remote working and considers the role the metaverse will play in the near future .

Much has been said about the scale and pace of Digital Transformation since the pandemic . In just a few short months , the COVID-19 pandemic brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business .

In fact , a survey from McKinsey in 2021 suggested that the overall adoption of digital technologies had sped up by three to seven years and that these technology endowments also coincided with a rapid acceleration of the pace at which business happens .
Virtualization has seeped into every area of business . From customer to supply chain interactions , new digital tools have been vital in maintaining business as usual , but they ’ ve also been credited with driving significant efficiencies and revolutionizing the way in which we engage with our customers . But it ’ s the collaboration layer that continues to be the foundational challenge and opportunity for CIOs .
This layer is also the one that seems to dominate column inches . It ’ s this layer that enabled us all to deliver for our companies and for our customers and it ’ s this layer that continues to feed into intense discussions around employee engagement and productivity , prompting questions about whether remote staff are working as hard as they could be .
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