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Telefónica Colombia wins Red Hat Innovation Awards 2022

In recognition of its success with open-source enterprise technology , Telefónica Colombia won the Red Hat Innovation Awards 2022 .

Telefónica Colombia is the leading telecommunications service provider in the country and operates under the Movistar brand . In 2021 , Telefónica served 21 million customers in hundreds of cities and towns across the country providing fiber optic , fixed broadband , 4G LTE wireless , broadband , pay TV and telecom services , besides a full range of digital solutions .

Customers use the company ’ s mobile application Mi Movistar to manage fixed and mobile services , including data usage , account balances , pricing and bills . In addition , the app also provides access to technical support .
Telefónica Colombia is continually aiming to find ways to improve its services , deliver new features faster and make the most of its operating budget .
When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered rapid growth in digital services , the company sought to replace its existing Oracle technology with a more agile and costeffective platform and integration solution based on open-source technology .
Replacing a proprietary and expensive platform with an open-source solution
Integrated with Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat 3scale API Management , Red Hat OpenShift provides a flexible , modular environment to develop , host and manage Mi Movistar . This Kubernetes-based platform includes
robust security and comprehensive automation capabilities .
• 51 % reduction in time to market : Compared to previous performance using Oracle technology , Telefónica Colombia can now deliver applications 51 % faster overall , from 33 days to 17 . Specially procurement has improved significantly with self-service through Red Hat OpenShift , going from around three weeks to just four hours .
• Red Hat Fuse supports a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ( CI / CD ) approach that helps Telefónica Colombia ’ s teams quickly integrate new tools and components that speed up the Mi Movistar building , testing and deploying processes .
• Better security infrastructure : Telefónica Colombia used the integrated security tools and capabilities built into its Red Hat technology to better secure and manage its code , systems and APIs . Red Hat OpenShift adds comprehensive and continuous security to standard CI / CD application tools , such as authentication and authorization , auditing , logging , and integrated container logging for tight resource and access control .
• Reduced operating costs : By migrating to open-source enterprise technology , Telefónica Colombia has achieved one of its key objectives concerning Digital Transformation efforts , which is to significantly reduce operating costs for the environment in which Mi Movistar operates .
• Better digital experience for a growing customer base : An overall improvement in the quality of operation helped Telefónica Colombia provide a more stable experience for users of the Mi Movistar app . Version rollback times have reduced from 20 minutes to just two minutes and maintenance times are now 90 % faster .
Roberto Puche , Chief Technology and Information Officer , Telefónica Colombia , said : “ With the responsiveness , we gain by using Red Hat ’ s container platform and iterative development , we help our customers feel more connected to our brand with details about their services , promotions , sales , new services and support where and when they need it . We are setting an example for the telecommunications industry across the region ”. p
Roberto Puche , Chief Technology and Information Officer , Telefónica Colombia
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