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Digitization of the mining sector will be essential for energy transition

According to Schneider Electric , companies in the mining sector that adhere to efficient energy use will be crucial in the energy transition process .

It is a fact that mining is essential to create most of what we use in society , from roads and bridges to computers and medical equipment .

The trend is that this industry will become even more important as the transition to a low-carbon economy takes place . It is because metals and minerals , such as copper , aluminum and lithium , are essential ingredients for many equipment , machines and devices , including electric vehicles , wind turbines and solar panels .
Sebastián Giraldo , Director of Industrial Automation for the Andean Cluster , Schneider Electric , said : “ The issue is paradoxical because mining is an extractive industry responsible for about 4 % to 7 % of the global gas emissions . But since there is no substitute for these essential commodities , this industry will have to decarbonize to become part of the lowcarbon future .”
The commitment to promoting responsible mining takes into account corporate advice
Sebastián Giraldo , Director of Industrial Automation for the Andean Cluster , Schneider Electric
and the implementation of solutions that combine Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things ( IoT ), enabling control of each process and area to achieve optimal , safe and sustainable operations .
Giraldo added : “ The development of the sector is evolving , and there is a better perception and important representation for the economy . Different mining companies are already , for example , using sensors during the extraction phase to collect more information about each bucket or shovel , which increases performance , helps conserve water use and reduces tailings waste .”
It is worth highlighting that through digitizing energy , the goal is to optimize the work and task lead times , increase productivity , reduce operating costs , decrease or eliminate risks , and achieve better safety in work performed at these high-impact sites .
“ Big Data / Macro Data can also be used for real-time monitoring of people and machines at the mine site to help improve productivity , increase safety and protect the environment . The more connected a mine is , the more efficient and prepared it is for the digital future ,” said Giraldo .
The productivity of a mining company can increase by 15 to 20 % if it adopts new technologies efficiently . p
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