Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 16 | Page 29

In terms of costs , they are reduced by 90 % compared to renting a SOC . They are 99 % more effective than having no functional solution .
Therefore , implementing an MDR may become a trend for Latin American companies for the remainder of this decade .
It can take up to six months for an organization to know it is under attack , and if successful , it can take up to 21 days to notice it .
To prevent the attack from escalating , Netdata is looking for companies to find answers to the following issues :
• Forensic Investigation , with Sentria ’ s Cortex XDR Forensic Analysis module .
• Root Cause Hypothesis Analysis . According to the information given by the client , there will be some in-depth analysis that will help to better determine the causes of the problems and how to mitigate them .
• The use of UPSET Methodology to identify users , systems , persistence , TTP and the attacker ’ s target to perform determined actions .
• Identified IOC threat information .
• Determination of a possible timeline of the incident .
• Recommendations for actions to be taken . p
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