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Media Commerce picks Ciena ’ s 800G technology to build backbone network in Colombia

Media Commerce , a telecommunications operator located in Colombia , has rolled out a new high-speed network using Ciena ’ s WaveLogic 5 Extreme ( WL5e ) coherent optical technology .

This is designed to support up to 800Gb / s capacity per channel across terrestrial and submarine applications .
This robust network , providing connectivity services across more than 300 towns , helps Media Commerce stay ahead of the country ’ s growing demand for bandwidthconsuming services like streaming video and cloud-based applications .
Andrés Gallego Garzón , Chief Marketing Officer , Media Commerce , said : “ A new network allows us to offer state-of-the-art 100GbE and 400GbE services and flexible spectrum services to support businesses and private networks across the country .
“ Wholesale companies , content delivery networks , over-the-top providers and various other companies are able to improve and optimize the interconnections of their data centers located not only in Bogotá , but throughout the country .”
One of the most critical features of the new network is its ultra-low latency , made possible by WL5e ’ s extended reach performance . This translates into greater scalability and transport speeds , as well as improved resiliency and performance .
“ By reducing latency in half , Media Commerce can offer express channels from Bogotá to Barranquilla without regeneration points , which is a huge win for the country ,” said Fabio Medina , Vice President of Sales for Canada , CALA and MSOs , Ciena .

Renault chooses SAP Concur solutions to achieve greater efficiency possibility of having a solution that was very strong in compliance and would allow us to start reducing expenses and stop paper chasing ,” said Ariel Varela , Business Renault Development Manager .

He added that one of the company ’ s processes that previously took hours now takes just 30 minutes . “ When we implemented Concur we detected some cases of fraud , unintentional or not . Today I can assure you that there is none in the organization ,” added Varela .

Renault , the leading automotive company in Argentina , is utilizing SAP Concur tools to accompany cultural change and achieve greater efficiency .

The process began with the organization ’ s need to create new procedures that were clearer and more transparent , digitizing and eradicating the use of paper . The company was looking for an agile digital tool , which is why it chose SAP Concur solutions .
“ SAP Concur allowed us to give our clients a digital tool , 100 % mobile , and gave us the
The company has 2,400 colleagues located in Buenos Aires and Córdoba , where its production plant is located , and from where it exports to the region .
It possesses 11 % of the automobile market and expects to produce a minimum of 70,000 new vehicles each year and sell around 400,000 units in Argentina .
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