Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 14 | Page 75

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Elias Rogério da Silva , President of Diebold Nixdorf Brazil , addresses the technological evolutions of the banking industry , emphasizing its pioneering position about the adoption of innovations .

Those who closely follow the banking market certainly know that one of the main flagships of this industry is the vanguard positioning in the adoption of innovations .

Many technologies now present in various branches have long been part of the reality of banking institutions . However , in times of Digital Transformation , the focus seems more than ever to be on applications , virtual assistants and other connected tools .
86 % of consumers without bank accounts are from lower social classes , mainly in the Midwest , North and Northeast of Brazil .
very dependent on physical money , especially in the more distant parts of the country , where cash is the most democratic payment method .
In this sense , a question arises : what is the place of the physical experience the banks offer their customers in this new world ?
It is an essential question , especially in the hybrid world and a specific market such as Brazil . After all , the digital environment is growing in terms of significance while we need to consider that we are increasingly resuming our life outside the home , and society is still
According to a survey by Fundação Dom Cabral , more than half of Brazilians prefer to use cash for payments .
It is a significant piece of data that stands out with another : Brazil still has millions of people without a bank account , mainly in remote regions .
A study by the Instituto Locomotiva indicated that 86 % of consumers without bank accounts are from
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