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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for Latin America . This month ’ s cover features Hernán Ríos , CIO , SENA ( Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje ). He tells us

how the technological evolution of the National Training Service has facilitated it to become a fundamental part of the training of professionals in Colombia .
He says : “ With our adjustments and improvements , the IT sector designed and implemented a strategy to support work at home , ensuring the operation and the commitment to meet its strategic goals in training , employability , entrepreneurship and certification of labor competencies .”
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Elsewhere , Daniel Niño , Senior Manager of Connectivity and Collaboration at Axity , tells us about the key requirements needed to move towards a successful IT implementation in the current business environment .
“ When you ensure people know how to handle new technology solutions , you ensure the return on investment within the company since people have more tools to help the organization achieve greater efficiency , productivity and profitability ,” said Niño . “ One of the main advantages of new technologies is that they are the basis for business growth .” and explains his managerial philosophy .
“ With the COVID-19 pandemic , business management became more complex due to the lack of face-to-face communication and the emergence of virtual meetings ,” he says . “ Because of this , I needed to increase the freedom of managers to make their own decisions .”
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In this month ’ s Get to know , Carlos Kazuo , CEO , KeepTrue , discusses the highlights of his career
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