Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 14 | Page 46

One of the main advantages of new technologies is that they are the basis for business growth .
• Process analysis : Assess the willingness of employees to change , which may involve the implementation or inclusion of new functionality in a technological solution .
The benefits of new technologies within an organization can range from increasing customer satisfaction , optimizing business processes and improving communication to having real-time access to information from anywhere , facilitating decision making .
About Axity
Axity is a Latin American company specializing in technology and information services and a strategic ally in the Digital Transformation and system operation of all types of business in all industry segments .
With more than 4,000 collaborators and 400 clients in the region , Axity has a robust portfolio of Information Technology ( IT ) solutions and services , made up of specific subspecialties , among which are security , collaboration , data center , data management , workspaces , development of custom software and applications , implementation of IT projects and IT strategic planning .
Axity has helped more than 5,000 users to adopt new technologies in industries such as education and health . According to an internal study , entrepreneurs believe that the failure of a Digital Transformation can happen primarily because of the lack of culture within an organization , with 74.1 % and 56.3 % believing it is due to budget issues .
“ When you ensure people know how to handle new technology solutions , you ensure the return on investment within the company since people have more tools to help the organization achieve greater efficiency , productivity and profitability . One of the main advantages of new technologies is that they are the basis for business growth ,” said Niño . p
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