Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 14 | Page 45

CIO OPINION is adopting new ideas , criteria , standards , work practices and behaviors . So , when we talk about Digital Transformation , we are referring to the implementation of new technologies and the adoption of them within a business culture , involving not only the senior management but also all collaborators .”
What do Axity and its experts recommend for a successful technology adoption plan ?
• Involve people : Involve the entire organization when defining a technology adoption process .
• Analyze priorities : Know what the requirements of the company are and what needs it seeks to satisfy before integrating any tool .
• Long-term commitment : When engaging all employees , it is important to have the support of all those involved so that the strategies can be comprehensive and achieve positive results with the adoption of technologies .
These are the main aspects to consider in the current reality that we have to deal with :
• Use internal promoters : Lead , in the first stage , the adoption process of any technology with sponsors from different areas , conveying the message of change to all levels of the organization .
• Analyze the cultural environment of the business : Diagnose the current state of organizational culture and understand what the company needs .
The benefits of new technologies within an organization can range from increasing customer satisfaction , optimizing business processes and improving communication .
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