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Orchest Technologies enters into an expanded South American network services agreement with Seaborn Networks

Orchest Technologies , a leading international provider of network solutions and cloud connection services throughout Latin America , has announced an expanded network services agreement with Seaborn Networks , the developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems , and terrestrial networks in the Americas .

As a result of this strategic alliance , Orchest will gain access to Seaborn ’ s subsea and terrestrial network infrastructure capacity in five of the largest markets in Latin America , where Orchest will leverage its award-winning automated platform to enable SDN-based data center connectivity across the US , Brazil , Argentina , Colombia , Chile and Peru .
Jeremy Villalobos , COO , Orchest , said : “ A strategic alliance as with Seaborn , enables us to leverage our unique SDN and awardwinning automated platform to provide high-availability network solutions and on-demand accesses between North and South American enterprises in a flexible and cloud-agnostic manner .
“ Seaborn was an easy choice for a strategic alliance and South American partnership with a long list of mutual benefits , likeminded executive teams and a shared desire to disrupt the natural markets using leading technology and software . As Orchest continues to expand its Latin American reach and diversification of services , partners like Seaborn will be a key focus in creating a truly neutral and global platform .”
Benefits of this alliance include Orchest ’ s ability to access Seaborn ’ s infrastructure investments across five different subsea cable systems in Latin America and Seaborn ’ s fast-growing domestic Brazilian infrastructure .
Steve Orlando , CEO , Seaborn Networks , said : “ We share Orchest ’ s vision regarding the opportunity to roll out these network-on-demand capabilities on the US – Brazil route and throughout other South American markets . We are excited to expand our relationship with Orchest throughout South America , where our
About Orchest Technologies
Orchest Technologies is a US-based carrier and pioneer of the fully automated end-to-end customer experience operating in 17 countries over Latin America and The Caribbean . For more than 10 years , the company has been providing innovative network solutions , cloud connectivity and data center services throughout the Americas .
Over the last three years , it has rewritten the rules of data transport and connectivity services in LATAM by providing a holistic approach to network intelligence and transparency , groundbreaking process automation and world-class customer engagement .
high-capacity infrastructure services fit nicely with Orchest ’ s value-added network automation capabilities .” p
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