Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 53


Technology :

The key to the practical and measurable implementation of ESG actions

Fabiana Batistela , Chief Marketing Officer , EVOX Global , explains that people are increasingly dedicated to understanding the impact of their actions . According to her , this new requirement has led to a significant technological transformation .

Among the many global transformations that have taken place in recent years , one issue that certainly deserves attention is the change in how people view the world . Today , consumers , professionals and citizens are much more concerned and dedicated to understanding the impact of our actions on the planet . This new demand , in turn , has brought about a significant and crucial transformation in companies ’ routines , driving the Environmental , Social and Governance ( ESG ) agenda as an essential part of corporate strategic plans .

The point , however , is that the sustainability discourse is no longer enough . It is increasingly necessary to invest in ways to apply and measure sustainability and governance initiatives , among others – and it is precisely at this point that technology is assuming a vital role in companies .
According to the Global Tech Compass 2023 Survey , over 80 % of Brazilian consumers consider technology crucial in creating more sustainable products , services and companies . However , the analysis , which aims to map people ’ s perception of the use of technology in combating climate change , indicates that nearly 60 % of respondents in Brazil believe that companies are doing less than they can to attract , develop and implement technological resources that help them align with ESG sustainability goals .
Fabiana Batistela , Chief Marketing Officer , EVOX Global
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