Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 - Page 35


This job-switching movement or a high volume of resignation requests , better perceived in recent years , is already a well-known practice in the IT sector . Obviously , some factors have contributed to further accelerating this process .

One is hybrid or remote work , which has accelerated due to the pandemic . Today , we can consider this a crucial factor in this acceleration . People want more time with their family or work from anywhere , without the need for daily commutes to the office .
Another factor that has influenced this is the large number of job offerings in the software and Information Technology areas due to the scarcity of specialists in some technologies and the increasing digitization of services in companies .
Another aspect is the search for personal identification with the company purpose . That is not just about higher salaries and better benefits but also meeting personal aspirations and objectives aligned with the mission and purpose of the company . We even observe many professionally trained and experienced professionals in the process of transitioning their careers .
I observe that The Great Resignation happens more strongly with more experienced professionals , with better professional training and higher salaries , especially in the tech world . In other words , this shows that people are valuing personal satisfaction , purpose , recognition and a healthy work environment more and more , often at the expense of high salaries .
To do this , since 2019 , we have been working in remote mode . We have perfected our controls and officially established this policy for the entire company today . One hundred per cent of our professionals work within the ‘ Anywhere Office ’ concept .
We have also adopted a culture of constant professional growth and improvement . All of our collaborators receive a training track to follow throughout the year
This shows that people are valuing personal satisfaction , purpose , recognition and a healthy work environment .
from their first day . In addition , we created a training and professional development academy – called Shark Academy – with technological training for our professionals and the entire ecosystem . p
In our company , we have known this market movement since its inception and have already been exercising and living in this context daily . We are constantly concerned with providing a professional environment .
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