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Digital Twins enhance understanding of mining industry

InterSystems held a webinar to widen knowledge about the opportunities offered by Digital Twins to the Chilean mining industry .

Aiming to delve into the impact of Digital Twins on the mining industry , InterSystems , a leading cloud technology for highly critical systems providers , held a webinar on Advanced Mining Management with Digital Twins .

The event featured industry experts to help customers understand how this new technology model will support mining companies in solving critical scalability , interoperability and speed issues .
There were discussions on how this technology can achieve nearly real situations and experiences , allowing miners and nonminers to enter immersive reality no matter where they are .
José Fuentealba , Sales Manager , InterSystems LATAM , said : “ If you take a Digital Twin and bring it to an implementation position , one of the things you see is the data , and , to get a good model of what happens , you need that investigation .
“ From the company , we want to deliver the information correctly , nourish the Digital Twins with the data they require from different machines and strengthen them with enough up-to-date data . In this aspect , our InterSystems IRIS for Mining platform pushes that ability to keep control over these complex data and architecture environments with large volumes .
José Fuentealba , Sales Manager , InterSystems LATAM
when it was loaded and at what moment it was taken to the crusher , to name a few .
“ At InterSystems , we are doing this for mining and water management , having information about where there is consumption , how it occurs and whether the flows are working well in a way where the information is connected and available .”
“ Regarding local cases , in Chile , we have the interoperability issue . It is not that complex to take data from one system and bring it to one place , but the problem is connecting the data . It does not help to know that the truck carried material if I need to know what the material was
Nicolás Jubera , Cofounder and CEO , TIMining , said : “ A Digital Twin is developed using sensors and is a virtual representation of reality where you can do things with them such as solving problems , improving efficiency and making better decisions . Digital Twins , especially in mining , are more relevant since the mine is far away , we know that it can be an unsafe place and remote work means making decisions with the mine far away .” p
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