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“ Today , all teachers at some point , at least to post the final grade , need to use Canvas ,” explained Kretli .
The distance learning ( EAD in Portuguese ) courses take place 100 % on the Canvas LMS and Zoom . In face-to-face teaching , the LMS functions as support and dissemination of grades , which are informed more quickly with the evaluation tool Rubricas . It is the favorite functionality of the teachers . Meanwhile , students are fans of the mobile application , and with Canvas , they began to access more – even taking exams on their mobile .
Canvas brought more agility , scalability and flexibility to the technology team . With the previous platform , it was necessary to manage the servers and , sometimes , to be unavailable for two days to make an update . Another crucial factor was access to a broader repository of LTI integrations , bringing more flexibility for the team to continue evolving its educational technology .
“ I took other courses in distance mode , and the experiences left something to be desired . At ESPM , my concept of EAD changed . Canvas is an intuitive , practical and easily accessible platform on any device ,” said a student of the MBA in Strategic Management in UX Design .
The evolution continues . . .
The team uses the platform resources on projects inside and outside the classroom . Currently , there is a data collection , respecting the digital security of the students , to analyze the performance in each course , each exam and each question . The objective is to perfect the format of the exams . The Edtech team will continue to offer support to users to maintain engagement . Kretli explained that the high adoption rate was also a consequence of the over 40 training ,
More highlights :
• 100 % of the EAD courses operate on the Canvas LMS
• 100 % of the final grades for online and in-person teaching are reported by the Canvas LMS
• Canvas LMS has increased daily accesses through the mobile device
• Cloud-based operation brought scalability and eliminated downtime windows
• ESPM ’ s Edtech team uses Canvas LMS data to improve exams
• Rubricas is the preferred tool for its efficiency in scaling correction and fair grading




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