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CIO OPINION information to a faraway data center for processing . Response times are therefore quicker – a key factor when it comes to managing the high bandwidth technologies that are essential for Smart Cities and ensuring that they are a success .
An Edge Computing network also tends to be more reliable and cost-efficient – a win-win for local governments . This is because , with on-device decision making via Artificial Intelligence , data does not have to be stored on a cloud network as only important data is processed .
What does a Smart City look like ?
A Smart City has the ability to implement smart , datadriven technology . Barcelona is a prime example of how such technology underpins new innovation that is benefiting people in the city . With the development of a 5G network , private infrastructure , and self-driving 5G buses which are under development in Barcelona with partners such as Lenovo , Smart Cities are already enhancing the lives of citizens .
Barcelona ’ s pilot project is supported by the infrastructure for the overall deployment of a private 5G stand-alone network . Beyond transport , it will also be deployed to help law enforcement in the city . By using a video feed that can be analyzed in real-time using AI , police will be able to detect crimes and protect the public . Put simply , technology is ultimately able to provide substantially more resources to the emergency services , meaning they can react faster when the need arises .
Having already built more than 3,000 street cabinets to hold key tech infrastructure , Barcelona has an incredible opportunity to continue its path to Digital Transformation . As such , the city has set out ambitious plans which will set the tone when it comes to efficiency , transparency and social innovation . And while we can look to Barcelona as an example , it is important to remember that one size does not fit all . As a coastal city and popular tourist destination , its challenges are different to those in the rest of the world .
Mexico : Applying a smart approach to distinct challenges
While Barcelona is a popular beach-side holiday city needing network capacity management in a crowded environment , all cities face distinct needs and
Smart City proposals have been raised in multiple cities in Mexico to integrate technology into urban infrastructure .
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