Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 26

CIOs can no longer count on the availability of technology used by the enterprise for its operations in any country in which it operates and will likely be faced with restricted and mandated suppliers . To minimize disruptions , they must establish a vendor and technology risk center of excellence , chartered with a regular assessment of the exposure of key suppliers to evolving government restrictions .
4 . Exert direct control over the governance of cyberspace
National competition for control over the governance of cyberspace will impact the operations of multinational enterprises . As digital technology weaves itself through all aspects of society , nations are seeking to ensure that their own technologies reflect and support their core values and their citizens . Governments are increasingly concluding that they need a protected national digital infrastructure .
The machinations by governments for control over cyberspace governance are beyond the influence of CIOs , but they will have profound impacts on a business ’ ability to operate internationally . CIOs can advance the executive team ’ s understanding of crossnational competition for control over cyberspace and the impacts to their enterprise ’ s operations by leading an annual cyberspace environmental update briefing . p
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