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Gartner says CIOs must step up and deal with the disruptive trend of digital geopolitics to manage four of its distinct issues .

Technology governance issues emanating from cross-country politics have led to digital geopolitics rapidly becoming an issue that multinational CIOs must step up to lead , according to Gartner .

A total of 41 % of boards of directors view geopolitical power shifts and turbulence as one of the biggest risks to performance , according to a Gartner survey . Gartner predicts that by 2026 , 70 % of multinational enterprises will adjust the countries in which they operate by hedging to reduce their geopolitical exposure .
Brian Prentice , VP Analyst , Gartner , said : “ Digital geopolitics is now one of the most disruptive trends that CIOs must address , with many now dealing with trade disputes , legislation coming from one country that impacts global operations and governmentimposed restrictions on the acquisition and use of digital technology . They need to get acquainted with this new reality and prepare for its impact .”
Digital geopolitics is now one of the most disruptive trends that CIOs must address .
Geopolitics describes the geographic influences on power relationships in international relations . The resulting competition between nations plays out in many areas , including economic , military and society . Due to the increasing importance that digital technology plays in each of these areas , digital geopolitics is emerging as its own unique category of impact .
Gartner says CIOs must play a pivotal role in assessing corporate risk and , if required , rearchitecting digital systems . They will need to manage or exploit four distinct facets of digital geopolitics :
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