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risk , engagement , and turnover risk levels based on its training from Erudit ’ s psychologists and data scientists . The daily metrics were displayed on the dashboard and stored to produce graphs over time .
The anonymized metrics and data were also analyzed further to create anonymous employee profiles and to understand each department ’ s needs . The workforce analytics provided a clearer direction for HR and management as they seek to improve employee performance and wellbeing .
The HR department should focus on companywide employee engagement initiatives . From the total workforce , 42.9 % have engagement below the company average . Low engagement can cost a company 34 % of the disengaged employee salary . Improving engagement can save the software company an estimated $ 224,400 per year . organizations . This had a profound impact on the company ’ s performance .
The de-merger of the software company affected workforce and business performance . Executives and the human resources ( HR ) department struggled to understand employee sentiment about the major change and its implications on the workforce .
For burnout reduction initiatives , management and HR can focus efforts and resources on 2 departments : Project Team and Sales . 80 % of the employees in the ‘ Stressed ’ profile , which has a higher level of burnout and turnover risk than the rest of the company , comes from the Project Team ( 33 %) and Sales ( 47 %). The organization can focus resources and design initiatives that relieve stress , address burnout , and reduce turnover specifically for these 2 departments to increase effectiveness . Addressing burnout for these high risk employees can save the software company between $ 130,000 and $ 173,000 per year . p
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Seeking clarity and solutions to the decline in business performance , the software company decided to use Erudit in 2021 in order to :
• Get to the bottom of employee sentiment
• Measure workforce wellbeing
• Gain insights for solutions to voluntary turnover and the drop in sales and productivity
Their main challenges :
• Avoid voluntary turnover
• Improve productivity , particularly in sales and client services
After integrating Microsoft Teams and Outlook with Erudit , the AI anonymized the messages then detected and produced the metrics . Erudit measured burnout
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