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Globant launches new Enterprise Platforms Studios to assist organizations

“ With our new Enterprise Platforms Studios we are able to provide customers with the end-to-end business process transformation services they need to prepare their entire organization for reinvention .”

Globant , a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions , has announced the launch of Enterprise Platforms Studios which includes existing Process Optimization and Salesforce Studios , and new SAP and Oracle Studios .

All of these will focus on helping businesses enhance their core operations and processes enabling them to rapidly adapt in a fastchanging market .
Diego Tártara , CTO , Globant , said : “ At Globant , we know that the success of any company is rooted in its ability to reinvent itself . Now more than ever , core business operations need to be agile and digitally enabled to allow companies to quickly adapt to market changes .
With this combined offering , Globant leverages its deep expertise in corporate process optimization and enterprise cloud technologies to ensure that clients ’ reinvention programs are seamless across sales , service , marketing , finance , delivery and operations . This evolution of Globant ’ s Studio model strengthens its existing relationships with leading partners in the enterprise technology ecosystem .
Diego Maldonado , Executive VP , Globant Enterprise Platforms , said : “ This new offering will bring a more robust , connected and intelligent transformation solution to our clients , strengthening our position as a key player in the enterprise applications space .”

TIM announces partnership with AST Space Mobile

TIM has signed an unprecedented Memorandum of Understanding

( MoU ) with AST SpaceMobile with the aim of increasing mobile connectivity coverage and bringing 4G coverage to Brazil ’ s most remote locations .
The American company is responsible for building the first and only space-based and directly accessible mobile broadband network .
This pioneering proposal in Brazil will allow the operator to test AST SpaceMobile ’ s space-based technology to provide 4G data and voice services in Brazil . The network will provide connectivity to consumers with different mobile devices across almost the entire national territory , connecting smartphones directly to the AST SpaceMobile low-Earth orbit satellite network .
AST SpaceMobile ’ s solution is designed to enable mobile devices to be online where cellular tower coverage does not exist and without the need for any change to the user ’ s mobile device , including expensive software , hardware or accessories , including parabolic antennas .
“ TIM , the only operator to provide mobile coverage to all municipalities in Brazil , reinforces its commitment to expanding its coverage area and improving communication quality so that customers can enjoy data and voice services anywhere in the country . The agreement with AST SpaceMobile complements important ongoing initiatives to promote more digital inclusion , as it will allow TIM to bring 4G to isolated areas , districts , villages , roads , resorts and tourist spots that are not served by other operators ,” explains Marco Di Costanzo , Network Development Director of TIM Brazil . p
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