Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 20 | Page 15


Blockbit unveils news on its cybersecurity platform

Blockbit , a Brazilian company specializing in the cybersecurity market , has announced the upgrade of its global cybersecurity platform with new advanced capabilities for identifying , mitigating and preventing threats .

Blockbit Platform 2.3 has new solutions to optimize users ’ routine and , especially , maximize digital data protection on local and cloud networks .
Blockbit Cloud Sandbox was highlighted , a new generation tool that analyzes all types of records and programs in an automated way , in search of suspicious or malicious points – even the newest ones .
Developed by Blockbit Labs experts , Blockbit ’ s high-performance lab , Blockbit Cloud Sandbox combines concepts such as Big Data and Machine Learning to test and classify threats broadly before these agents even reach users ’ networks . Such measures are important to keep up with the progressive sophistication of malware and successfully detect them by adding a layer of threat protection beyond the perimeter of the environment .
Lucas Pereira , Product Director , Blockbit , said : “ Our big goal is always to extend user security by preventing risks and threats from even reaching network points . In this sense , the highlight of the new version of Blockbit Platform is the intelligence we embark on to attack , defend and prevent threats .”

Dynatrace extends its Davis AI engine to enable ad hoc analytics

This enhancement builds on the Davis engine ’ s existing capabilities , including automatic and continuous full-stack monitoring , processing trillions of dependencies in real time , and delivering precise answers and intelligent automation from data .
As a result , teams can further optimize their applications and infrastructure and avoid problems long before they become customer-impacting issues to ensure their digital services are flawless and secure .

Dynatrace , a global leader in software intelligence , has announced that it has extended its Davis AI engine to empower development , SRE and IT teams to conduct ad hoc , exploratory analytics .

This allows teams to harness the power of Dynatrace ’ s causal AI to investigate newly emerging trends or block potential issues , like unexpected spikes in traffic or performance degradations .
Alex Hibbitt , SRE Director , Photobox Group , said : “ We rely on Dynatrace to ensure our applications are available 24 / 7 , and the platform ’ s Davis AI engine is particularly critical to this effort . The insights we get from Davis have been game-changing for our teams because they are prioritized by business impact and detail the precise root cause of what ’ s impacting the performance of our digital services .
“ Extending Davis to allow for more experimental analytics on-demand will allow us to optimize our environment and block performance problems that might eventually impact our customers . This helps us avoid fire drills and ensure our clouds and customer experiences are always optimized .”
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