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Three steps for enterprises to manage Big Data through analytics

they intend to overcome , the process requirements they define and how to use Big Data in terms of information , tools and hardware to enable the strategies .
Results must focus on the target audience : In addition to knowing the customer , the goal is to create a connection so that companies focus their Big Data strategies on efforts that deliver the highest possible commercial value .
CALA Analytics outlines three steps for successfully implementing advanced analytics in enterprises .

A total of 40 % of companies worldwide use Big Data analytics to gather crucial information about potential customers , enabling marketers to increase sales opportunities .

Victor Hoyos , Commercial Manager , CALA Analytics , said : “ Advanced analytics in startups can be considered a marketing strategy in which some actions automate processes and analyze diverse data sets in real-time . It helps to understand the target audience and improve business processes , thus obtaining more accurate consumer profiles .”
According to IBM , people produce 2,500 trillion bytes of data per day which are collected , analyzed and shared by 50 billion IoT and other devices . In this way , data analysis contributes to better decisionmaking as a strategy in new ventures .
Examining that 69 % improves the customer experience , 52 % significantly reduces costs , and 47 % can show an 8 % increase in revenue and a 10 % reduction in costs .
And that is a result of treating Big Data assertively , according to a study from the consulting firm BARC Research .
CALA Analytics describes three key steps to implement advanced analytics in business successfully :
Define objectives and identify where exactly Big Data is needed : Deciding what data is necessary depends on the blind spots that business owners need to investigate . They need to identify the key challenges
Start an analytics strategy with your target audience to offer better services and experiences and thus achieve better customer retention .
Find a highly qualified team : The analytics industry is broad and detailed , so it is crucial knowing which tools to use to measure results .
Therefore , it is important to find a team with expertise in advanced analytics that will strengthen the business and commercial processes . Also , like all other IT elements in a business , detailed planning is required before execution .
Thus , data analytics in a business is now urgent and implementing it appropriately will solve many problems and even be a great marketing strategy . The truth is that the best and greatest companies continue to grow thanks to the analysis of business information . p
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