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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for Latin America . This month ’ s cover features Marcelo Melchior , CEO , Nestlé Brazil . In an insightful interview , he tells

us how the company is deploying the first private 5G network in Latin America using Ericsson Private 5G .
This is the first time the state-of-the-art technology is being applied to Industry 4.0 in Latin America and at a Nestlé factory , with a 100 % on-premises network architecture , which operates completely separately from the public mobile network .
“ With our partners , who have believed in this pioneering project from the beginning , we will provide even better optimization to the operation to achieve significant productivity and efficiency rates for the industry ,” said Melchior . “ This is another step in the journey of innovation and Digital Transformation conducted by Nestlé in the country at our Caçapava factory , known for developing new technologies applied in other industrial units of the company .” You can find out more about this project by turning to p56 .
Elsewhere , we take a look at how Colombia-based health insurance company , Mutual Ser EPS , has implemented Fortinet ’ s security solutions to protect its cloud network . We explore how the offering enabled the business to adopt a unified management system and increase service availability for clients .
Varón , Technology Manager at Mutual Ser EPS .
“ Fortinet ’ s technology offers us complete network integration , unified management and an overall increase in the service availability offered by the company .” To discover more about this project please turn to p61 .
In this month ’ s Talking Business , Alejandro Martinez , CEO and Co-founder at Erudit , tells us about how having the correct employee feedback tools in place can empower organizations to retain and motivate their top talent , and stay ahead of their competition . To discover more about this topic , please turn to p36 .
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Once again , I ’ d like to wish you a good month ahead and please enjoy the read !
“ Our focus is healthcare , so it must be up and running 24 / 7 considering the sensitivity of the information . It is crucial for us to always be online and we have achieved this with the Fortinet Security Fabric platform implementation ,” said Holman Mauricio Cárdenas
Mark Bowen Editorial Director
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