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It means that a whole movie could be downloaded in seconds due to the speed of the networks , for example . Likewise , this increased speed will allow connectivity to be integrated with the economy ’ s production processes , making it a production tool with significantly high-value generation potential .
It will enable the enhancement of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things ( IoT ), Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and cloud services , among others .
Another advantage of 5G networks is lower latency . It refers to the network ’ s ability to respond to user requests , as the lower the latency , the greater the network ’ s ability to send information quickly from one point to another .
Jardin , picturesque town in Antioquia
In the case of 5G , among the most recurring myths are the health risks related to signals from this technology .
Also , 5G networks will ensure better connectivity for many devices in one place . The estimate is one million connected devices per square kilometer , compared to 10,000 devices with 4G , and it will enable a better signal in crowds .
“ The future of 5G in Colombia has enormous potential , as this technology would increase the competitiveness and productivity of the regions and generate more jobs . For its development in the country , a more agile infrastructure deployment is expected , along with radio spectrum management and planning , which should have a legal framework that encourages investments . Likewise , these advances will lead to security and privacy-oriented regulation of services and applications , focused on the quality of services and users ’ rights ,” added Villegas-Carrasquilla . p
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