Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 18 | Page 49


with new technologies , lack of knowledge often leads to fears and myths surrounding them . In the case of 5G , among the most recurring myths are the health risks related to signals from this technology . Among them are myths such as 5G causes cancer , helps transmit the Coronavirus by weakening our immune system and produces changes in DNA , among others .
“ Often these untruths arise from beliefs about the radiation emitted by the antennas , as there is no complete scientific evidence that they cause damaging health effects ,” said Villegas-Carrasquilla .
Other myths are related to security issues and attributed to 5G privacy risks that facilitate spying .
In Colombia , the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications adopted a public policy in 2019 containing the actions needed to implement 5G in the country .
While it is true that 5G opens the door to new cyberattacks , this happens with any new technology , not just 5G , which means new security challenges for businesses .
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