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Sistemas Inteligentes en Red ( SIER ), from Group ISA , has launched a technology solution called Carbonlytics , which collects information from crops to quantify carbon in productive sectors . The main goal of this solution is to create offset projects for carbon credit certification by quantifying areas of crops through the implementation of cutting-edge technology , which supports farmers with additional income by measuring their crops . This income allows farmers to improve the conservation and profitability of their land , supported by sustainable solutions while helping to mitigate climate change . Carbonlytics measurements have a reliability of over 95 % compared to manual measurements . The entire process methodology is ensured by verification bodies to generate the corresponding certifications .
An official agreement has been signed between the Mexican Hospital Consortium ( CMH ), TINC and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation ( AAMI ), creating a new Alliance for Healthcare Technology Management ( HTM ) in Mexico . “ Healthcare professionals , processes and medical devices are the three great pillars of healthcare . This agreement will help us develop technology management and assessment models that will increase safety and efficiency in our service delivery for all patients ,” said Javier Potes , CEO , CMH . The Alliance ’ s main objective is the development of six projects related to HTM within 2023 , which will be implemented in the 52 hospitals affiliated to CMH .



Green4T , a leading Brazilian company in technology and digital infrastructure solutions , is offering 40 job openings in Brazil . The opportunities are for technical and higher education levels in technology , accounting , human resources , architecture and technical specialties , among others . Among the positions , the company offers opportunities for financial analysts , human resource officers , managers , administrative assistants , material purchasers , IT services operators , co-ordinators of continued services and designers . There are also options for permanent and temporary work .
The Undersecretary of Telecommunications ( Subtel ) in Chile took a crucial step in its strategy to launch a new 5G bidding process , which could allow the new company from Claro and VTR to offer this technology to its customers . For the project headed by Claudio Araya , a request for clarification was sent to the Court of Defense of Free Competition ( TDLC , in Spanish ). It was to clarify if “ they can authorize current concessionaires of wireless public telephone service concessions in the 3,400 – 3,600 MHz band ( band 3.5 ) to incorporate new features or specific attributes into their concessions , such as the mobile attribute .”
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