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whether they need to go back to review something or advance their learning .
20 ways to use Canvas in the face-toface modality
Differentiate instruction inside and outside the classroom
Students are likely to have different learning needs when returning to face-to-face classes . The Canvas LMS makes it easy to differentiate learning paths , including in the physical classroom . Students gain autonomy to access educational content on their own ,
• Create more profound dialogues by asking your students to post their ideas using Canvas Forums ; this allows you to socialize information and build knowledge beyond the classroom .
• Ask your students to watch a video and record their opinions , identify themes and main ideas , or answer comprehension questions . It allows them to improve comprehension and motivates them to express their ideas verbally .
• Start the class by recalling the knowledge acquired through a quick questionnaire that allows you to identify the doubts that exist at the moment .
• Use rubrics to guide your students in their final projects or the integrative activities of your subject . Therefore , they will always accurately know what will be evaluated .
• The questionnaires can be used as a diagnostic tool to understand the knowledge they arrive with and , if you wish , to compare the final result at the end of the school year .
• Use the to-do list and calendar to help your students stay organized and manage the use of their time within their multiple obligations . p
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