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Which IT projects has ISA Intervial utilized to improve responsiveness to government , customers and suppliers ?
We also incorporated technologies that support the Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) methodology for managing highway assets from the construction phase .
We have implemented Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ), analytics , SD-WAN , hyper-convergent platforms , agile development methodologies and microservicesbased development architecture that are required for the concession business that supports some of the technologies required by the Ministry of Public Works .
In this sense and concerned with users , we also added analytical solutions to predict traffic behavior at our toll plazas on critical dates . It is essential to enable traffic management plans during these periods .
Another crucial aspect is that we have reinforced our work in cybersecurity for the continuity of our services and the ecosystem we build with customers and suppliers .
In addition , highways will be an excellent platform for digital integration . They will enable the deployment of technologies such as 5G and Edge Computing , and much of these technologies will use , for example , the fiber optics placed on the highways to carry data that will enable the use of Artificial Intelligence in cars .
How have you addressed security risks to protect assets and infrastructure against cybercrime ?
Facing risks is a constant effort . We fight cybercrime by educating our employees , making them part of our first line of defense , and driving people to behave safely when accessing information . We work from breach identification to risk analysis .


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Furthermore , we have advanced in Chilean legislation regarding data protection and privacy issues .
What impact has the Digital Transformation processes had on corporate clients and individuals ?
The highway concession business has a slower change cycle than other industries due to regulation , but , despite this , we are optimistically seeing the incorporation of technology in new tenders and the conversion of concessions into operations .
The incorporation of electronic tolls in bidding processes and the evolution of some toll plazas are examples .
We also have safeguards and policies for cybersecurity cases , with the support of the audit team to analyze the company ’ s overall situation . Some of the technological projects we address are to protect our network perimeters , identity management , use of two-factor authentication , and application of pentesting to detect vulnerabilities , among other solutions .
What can we expect in the next few years in terms of IT management from a company like Intervial ?
Highways will become an integration platform for services and people .
Services such as banking , insurance , health , telecommunications and tourism will interact digitally with users , vehicles and the environment . In this regard , we must think about our IT management to support the delivery and reception of data that generates value for those who pass through the highways .
What final message can you leave Latin American CIOs regarding the challenges and risks they face at work ?
Most importantly , we must be clear that we cannot lose focus on service availability , cybersecurity and continuity plans . Moreover , we must work with talented teams to incorporate the changes our employees require to make the best use of new technologies for the benefit of people and the company .
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