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From government to industries , the truth is that demand for digital services is undeniably increasing in all markets , closely linked to changing user expectations . After all , as consumers seek seamless digital experiences , more organizations need to evolve their operations to keep up with this new scenario .

It is not by chance that researchers indicate that the larger global companies expect to invest about US $ 1.78 trillion in Digital Transformation in 2022 , an increase compared to the US $ 1.31 trillion recorded in 2020 .
However , this rapid pace of transformation has increasingly put pressure on development and operations ( DevOps ) teams to move faster without compromising the quality of service delivered to customers . In this current environment , it is expected from these teams to create and release minor incremental updates to their applications , sometimes with releases several times a day . It is worth remembering that , a few years ago , teams would likely deliver one major update per trimester .
As a result of this growing pressure , we have seen that even large global corporations , including those organizations recognized for the highest standards of digital experiences , are being challenged daily to fight against possible pauses and incidents in systems performance .
Disrupting the delivery of an application today can leave users and entire corporations without access to critical data to deliver value to businesses and end-users . burden on DevOps teams . It is necessary as innovation cycles have become faster and demands have become more urgent .
Recent Dynatrace research indicated that organizations expect the frequency of their software releases to increase by 58 % by 2023 . But many of these companies will struggle to keep up with this planned pace as DevOps teams are experiencing existing workloads .
Fernando Mellone , Sales Director at Dynatrace Brazil
Researchers indicate that the larger global companies expect to invest about US $ 1.78 trillion in Digital Transformation in 2022 .
Therefore , for organizations to innovate without harming the user experience , companies in the digital age must adopt modern and intelligent development practices and solutions that help to mitigate threats , ensuring observability of application performance . With this stance , leaders can reduce risk and unexpected errors , improve code quality and ease the
As IT complexity increases , the time demands on DevOps teams increase even more . Writing code is only part of the daily battle these professionals face .
On top of this , there is time-consuming manual testing , increasingly fragmented tool configuration and
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