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In recent years , the idea that , from now on , all companies are technology operations has been accepted , which makes sense , especially if we consider the dependence that our companies , in general , have on the devices , networks and applications that border their working hours . Can you imagine the day-to-day life of your organization without the Internet and computers ?

A fundamental and often undervalued thing in this context is information . Data is like the blood that circulates in the corporate body : these records help us make decisions and plans for the future and understand the past , among other things . Therefore , the importance of cybersecurity as a vital element to boost results is increasingly evident .
Migration to the cloud increases the need for connectivity to access systems with quality but a technology that can provide high availability of access , with a granularity of management and security features , is extremely important to enable connectivity and guarantee a better performance for organizations .
This new horizon requires companies to take care of data besides each point of contact ( the endpoints ) since the cloud and the Internet will be part of an ecosystem with more and smarter devices .
All these resources can pose a threat to information security and , consequently , to operations . One piece of advice would be to adopt Secure SD-WAN solutions that , in addition to being cost-effective , make the management and maintenance simpler especially in projects with many points of presence . everything that interacts with data . Maintaining good practices , having teams aware of their actions and having the most advanced cybersecurity technologies are undoubtedly a crucial triad for organizations ’ demands .
In times marked by the constant search for new and better experiences , finding ways to encourage sustainable and safe development of organizations involves promoting practices and infrastructures that maximize customer privacy , employee productivity and efficiency and cost-effective Business Continuity .
Migration to the cloud increases the need for connectivity to access systems with quality .
It is necessary to invest in mentoring campaigns , and companies must be able to rely on firewalls , VPNs , antivirus software , intelligent systems software and intelligent systems to extend the power of corporate cybersecurity .
According to Gartner research , almost 85 % of companies plan to adopt hybrid work models with professionals working at least part of their routines from home . p
Spreading a security-oriented culture , balancing innovations and data protection is to strengthen
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