Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 16 | Page 33


Successful Digital Transformation requires applications , digital services and dynamic multi-cloud platforms adopted to deliver these services function seamlessly . However , these dynamic applications , highly distributed and developed natively in cloud technologies , are very different from their prototypes .

The complexity brought by microservices , containers and infrastructure-defined software is better than we can imagine when we think about the scale of the web . Humans can no longer keep up with the volume , variety and speed of generated data . All this data explosion must be handled so that IT teams do not expose their resources to their limits resulting in fatigue , stress and wasted time .
The methods by which companies analyze this data to keep their systems and software running remain the same . We still see the famous IT operations centers with many people and panels .
With more data , software , infrastructure , applications and end-users , the screening process becomes much more difficult . The manual management of these environments brings substantial and continuous operational losses .
How to overcome these obstacles ?
The only way to avoid cloud collapse is to deploy Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) capabilities for IT Operations ( AIOps ), which bring accurate answers about where problems are happening , as situational awareness of how the ecosystem works .
Davis , Dynatrace ’ s Artificial Intelligence Assistant , quantifies the negative effect on the business , prioritizes issues based on this impact and provides answers about the origin , nature and severity of any vulnerabilities that arise in real-time from the application ’ s code execution on production and preproduction . It allows the BizDevSecOps teams to focus on what matters .
Today , data relies on a hybrid and multi-cloud . Applications are API-based , which makes them more vulnerable . Companies struggling with the complexity of the cloud and looking to deliver seamless
All this data explosion must be handled so that IT teams do not expose their resources to their limits .
and secure digital interactions need end-to-end observability , with AIOps and application security for intelligent data automation and responses .
It frees teams up to focus on accelerating innovation and optimizing user experiences in a world where the software needs to work flawlessly .
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