Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 14 | Page 58

CASE STUDY allowed employees to communicate from their homes via the Microsoft Teams app . sessions for SENA cross-functional teams at the national level .
There is , in addition , a remote connection via VPN for instructors and platform administrators , and an adaptation of the service desk model for remote and telephone support purposes .
At SENA , we adapt , secure and publish information systems through VPN . Along the same lines , we implemented the electronic signature for document flow approval with the Adobe Sign tool and delivered equipment for home work .
We have also integrated the Territorium LMS e-learning platform with Microsoft Teams , enabling learners and teachers to take classes remotely .
Furthermore , we have supported the dissemination of training courses to employees on the LinkedIn Learning platform and implemented a sponsored data project to enable learners to access teaching platforms without using their mobile data plans .
We also made data plans available to support the teaching process and progress in knowledge transfer
What benefits has this acceleration brought to both the IT process and users ?
The main benefit achieved by SENA through the Digital Transformation strategy was the improvement of the interaction experience of citizens by identifying users and their needs , analyzing , designing , developing and implementing new service channels .
It involves Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies that have strengthened training processes between instructors and learners and gained the attention of entrepreneurs , generating proximity to citizens simply and digitally .
In addition , it has been possible to reduce the need for users to personally be at the office to carry out administrative or internal procedures , such as training , employability activities , entrepreneurship and certification of labor competencies , as well as to facilitate access to the entity services for the Colombian population with disabilities .
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