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Carlossandro Albuquerque , one of the creators of the project , said : “ Because of its entire length and the difficulty of access , collecting samples for laboratory analysis of the waters of all rivers always demands a very great effort and that , sometimes , can deteriorate in the transport or handling of the collected material . The program seeks to reduce these challenges by allowing automated water collection .”
Besides Albuquerque , the initiative has the participation of professors Dr . Ieda Batista , Dr . José Camilo Ramos de Souza , Dr . Fabio Cardoso , Dr . Rafael Jovito , Dr . Raimundo Claudio , MSc . Manoel Rendeiro and MSc . André Printes .
Diebold Nixdorf ’ s support will enable the construction of an important digital ecosystem that will allow the development of the project and studies on possible partnerships .
The plan to make the water analysis faster is to install a set of mini automatic data collection stations after the drainage of the main tributaries of the largest river on the planet , starting at the port of Parintins . The city is strategic for the program because it is in the central region of the Amazon basin .
In practice , these small stations will be composed of sensors and transmitters specially designed to resist the weather , residues and predators of the environment .
“ One challenge we have is designing the right hardware to withstand periods of floods and ebbs , as well as the volume of mud , rocks and branches that can tangle or prevent correct analysis . Another feature is the presence of animals that can attack the facility ,” said Printes .
In addition to hardware , the Yara project will also develop specific software for data transmission , storage and analysis .
“ We have to guarantee that the records made are sent automatically and reliably to all our laboratories in Manaus and Parintins , as well as , later , to other public and private institutions that are interested in and can help in the management and preservation of nature in the Amazon ,” said Albuquerque .
The Yara initiative will also contribute to the results obtained for the comparisons and verifications necessary for complete mapping .
“ We have already started something very important , which is the digitalization of the results and patterns that we will analyze daily . We are going to create a single record , with the compilation of recent information to contribute to water monitoring ,” explained Dr . José Camilo Ramos .
“ It is a great pride to see this come to fruition here in Parintins , which has the joy of being an island
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