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Embratel launches SASE cybersecurity solution

increasingly decentralized connections and includes several technologies to create a new protection environment .
Mário Rachid , Executive Director of Digital Solutions at Embratel , said : “ As workloads , devices and users become more distributed , especially with the adoption of Bring Your Own Device , home office and the hybrid work model , the market sees a growing demand for direct and secure access to applications and information in the cloud from anywhere , without a defined perimeter . With SASE Embratel , security protection becomes completer and more comprehensive to solve this need .”

Embratel has launched the SASE Embratel ( Secure Access

Service Edge ) solution , an integrated platform with multiple cybersecurity technologies to meet the demands of companies for reliable remote access to the corporate network , applications and information in the cloud . SASE Embratel assists in projecting the security structure of organizations , especially considering the
SASE Embratel operates based on protection policies created by organizations to allow or prevent the use of websites , information and applications .
These guidelines can be different for different groups of users , considering the profile of each employee . As a cloud solution , all changes made to the established rules are automatically updated , keeping devices always protected .

Logicalis grows 16 % in Latin America

Logicalis , a global company specializing in information and communications technology services and solutions , grew 16 % in revenue in Latin America in the fiscal year 2022 .

Sales also increased 22 % in the period , totaling R $ 3.44 billion .
The Latin American operation remains the most important of the Logicalis Group , accounting for 32 % of global sales , especially in Brazil and the North of Latin America region , which includes Mexico , Colombia , Ecuador and Puerto Rico .
Rodrigo Parreira , CEO , Logicalis Latin America , said : “ Even in a challenging scenario , with component shortages around the world , we had growth in our revenue , reinforcing our capacity for innovation , resilience and adaptation .”
Brazil accounted for more than 60 % of the revenue in Latin America , with an increase of 22 % in net income . “ The solutions we call Digital Accelerators were the ones that grew the most in the period . They involve cloud , security , data analytics and IoT . The advancement of these offerings is fully aligned with the positioning of Logicalis as one of the main vectors of Digital Transformation ,” said Parreira .
The North of Latin America region also stood out , with a 62 % growth in sales and 46 % in net revenue compared to the previous fiscal year . In the SoLA region ( which includes Argentina , Bolivia , Chile , Paraguay , Peru and Uruguay ), the highlight was the 39 % yearon-year sales expansion , strongly based on managed technology service contracts .
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