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BairesDev launches hiring strategy in Latin America

BairesDev has launched its Fast Track

Hiring Program to boost its hiring process and speed up the interview stage by up to 70 %.
Ezequiel Ruiz , VP of Talent Acquisition , BairesDev , said : “ BairesDev is creating 1,000 job opportunities in the technology industry with the launch of this pilot . We are aware of the enormous potential of talent in Brazil to continue strengthening our team , and it is also a way to address the massive layoffs in the region .”
According to a study by Statista , more than
1,400 technology employees have been laid
off in Latin America since April 2022 , mainly in Brazil .
“ At this early stage , the program is aimed at software engineers with advanced levels of English . We are looking for people specialized in front-end and back-end
development , DevOps , quality control , testing , data science and engineering ,” said Ruiz .
The program is the first step in the recruitment process , complemented by additional online tests and interviews to
assess the technical and social skills of the candidates . The process is based on Staffing Hero , a talent selection platform owned by BairesDev that uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to find the best talent in technology and with which the company hires more than 200 qualified developers per month .

NetApp survey shows organizations continue to prioritize cloud optimization

A key trend surfaced in the report highlighted that while companies continue to accelerate cloud adoption , many do not believe they are effectively optimizing their infrastructure .
Businesses are addressing this through the development of internal programs such as Cloud Centers of Excellence ( CCoEs ) and FinOps , cloud purchase commitments , tools and external help such as managed service providers .
While several respondents indicated that they are still maturing in these areas , those that have successfully deployed and scaled programs report improved agility , efficiency and governance in their cloud journey .

NetApp has announced the results of the annual Cloud

Infrastructure Report based on a survey of public cloud business and IT decision makers .
The report from Spot by NetApp , continuing the annual survey previously conducted by CloudCheckr following its acquisition by NetApp , highlights the current state of cloud management and how organizations are working to optimize their environments .
“ The results highlight that while companies have rapidly adopted cloud , IT continues to look for ways to increase the value and ROI of its cloud investments ,” said Anthony Lye , Executive Vice President and General Manager , Public Cloud Services at NetApp . “ Organizations also make it clear that cloud cost , security , automation and resource optimization will remain key concerns . Cloud-centric companies most likely to succeed will implement the right strategies , technology solutions and partner relationships to help manage costs and reduce complexity .”
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