Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 | Page 82


The two keys to onboarding a 100 % remote employee

Agustina Guerreiro , Human Resources Director , Making Sense , explains the factors the IT sector must be aware of when hiring remote staff .

When society was forced to adapt to remote work , the IT industry had already gone down this path . Distributed work was popular and , in this context , this methodology became the most used but it does not mean that there were no challenges .

On the contrary , the staff turnover and the constant need for new talent have raised the issue of how to transmit the organizational culture to those who have never worked physically at the organization or those that will never do .
All the rules used to say that good onboarding starts with getting to know the team , developing bonds and trust .
In the previous model , culture was something that was spread from the moment you arrived in the building , through the receptionist who greeted you when you entered , the colleagues with whom you shared the elevator or the croissants , the ergonomic furniture ( or not ) and even whether the bosses had offices or lunch together . All of this was also a familiar environment for HR .
But how can we convey the same without face-to-face contact ? In distributed work , the key to building the employer ’ s brand is people . The correct equipment is essential so that what previously occurred naturally continues to be transmitted remotely to those who have never been in the office corridors and elevators .
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