Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 | Page 55

FEATURE : REMOTE WORKING essentials and medical aid for the communities . Access to highly dependable connectivity coverage on the Jauaperi river enabled the trust to expand its COVID-19 outreach efforts from more than 100 families in the region , to reach 250 families throughout 2020 – 2021 – providing them with food and other essentials worth £ 25,000 .
This emergency operation during the pandemic provided immediate relief for 2,000 people at risk of going hungry . It also reduced the likelihood that people would venture to cities in search of food and transmit the virus in the process . The vital food assistance meant the region avoided the worst of the health crisis , enabling it to recover better .
The connectivity on the river supplied by Inmarsat ’ s IsatPhone 2 was a critical security asset for the large scale multidisciplinary team of researchers who spent 15 days in Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge .
Robert Pasley-Tyler , Managing Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust , said : “ Our partnership with Inmarsat has been instrumental in providing logistical support on the Jauaperi river – from COVID-19 response efforts to supporting research activity . With Inmarsat ’ s support , we have overcome the obstacles of limited connectivity and communications to serve hundreds of families with resources and strengthen delivery operations on the Jauaperi river .” p
At the end of 2021 , coverage from IsatPhone 2 supported ACT and the Institute of Amazon Research ( INPA ) as they set out on the first large scale scientific expedition in the RESEX of the Baixo Rio Branco Jauaperi . Called Amazon Biodiversity Carbon , the expedition is part of a five-year research project – financed by the Norwegian University of Life Science .
It will cover 12 major river basins and nine states of the Brazilian Amazon to uncover unprecedented data on the biodiversity and ecosystem of the Amazon .



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