Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 | Page 53


Supporting sustainable development in the Amazon through reliable connectivity

Inmarsat and the Amazon Charitable Trust join forces to help remote communities in the Amazon tackle the connectivity gap .

Since 2009 , The Amazon Charitable Trust ( ACT ) has been protecting 581,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest . Providing support to 14 river-dwelling communities from the extractive reserve ( RESEX ) of the lower Rio Branco Jauaperi , the trust aims to help remote communities here become more self-sufficient and preserve their natural resources .

Additionally , it is committed to designing and delivering a center of excellence for research and education in the region by partnering with research institutions and private sector organizations to create solutions to support the area ’ s sustainable development .
Everything ACT does stems from the idea that to conserve the forest , they must improve the socioeconomics of the local population , which has one of the lowest human development indices in Brazil . By helping the traditional population find sustainable alternative incomes , the charity helps keep the forest intact .
The challenge
As the extractive reserve of the lower Rio Branco Jauaperi , is only accessible via boat , the Jauaperi river is the locals ’ lifeline for food and equipment supplies . It also connects communities by serving as their highway .
For some , such as the river-dweller community of Xixuau , journeys to the nearest city , Novo Airão ( 200km away ), take more than a day of travel to reach .
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