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The key to Edge Computing success lies in focusing on the outcome , before looking at implementation .
business , the impact could simply be installing on-site servers capable of real-time analysis . For another , it could be installing IoT sensors to help transmit data from security cameras . the most underrated rack of technologies but as the benefits of Edge Computing gain traction , its use case takes on a whole new level . And the good news is that there isn ’ t much ‘ reinventing the wheel ’ involved .
Why ? The Edge isn ’ t entirely new – it ’ s an extension of what we ’ ve known . As an accelerant of Digital Transformation , it ’ s breaking down the data center walls and pushing cloud capabilities outwards . Businesses need to remember that the Edge must be treated as part of hybrid cloud architecture , of which technologies are already being used by employees to provide a seamless and secure IT experience .
Like any technology solution , implementation for the sake of doing so is not going to benefit any business . However , the Edge is relevant for any business that has digitally transformed their processes , especially in the last 12 months . Edge Computing allows businesses to focus on how to get the most out of their most important data , and in turn , keep up with the pace at which the workplace is transforming .
Edge Computing is critical to ensuring a seamless transition from the traditional workplace setting to the future of work . It is here now and it ’ s hybrid . To realize its full potential , businesses must focus on the outcome rather than the implementation of the technology . p
Securing the Edge
An Edge strategy doesn ’ t mean data protection , security and compliance efforts have to be more complicated . Traditionally , endpoint backup has been
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